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Gleeknot | Micro Finance Solutions

Microfinance organizations are striving to provide financial services to nearly 3 billion unbanked people worldwide. In order to become efficient financial institutions, MFIs need a bank grade technology solution that is agile, yet more cost efficient in providing services than traditional banks, scalable, secure and still affordable. Legacy systems are inflexible, inefficient, and resource and time intensive, and are incapable of meeting the need for flexibility, faster time to market and regulatory compliance.

Gleeknot Microfinance is an agile and real-time core banking solution built natively on Salesforce that is specifically designed for microfinance institutions, credit unions, CDFIs, community banks and SACCOs. Gleeknot Microfinance covers all stages of a loan cycle for groups and individuals, and automates credit decisioning, document management and custom reporting for both financial and social requirements.